Trinity College

Certificate or Diploma in Orthodox and Eastern Christian Studies

Courses at the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College can lead to a Certificate or Diploma in Orthodox and Eastern Christian Studies.

Two certificates are offered depending on the number of audited courses completed:

  • Certificate (7 courses)
  • Honours Certificate (14 courses)

A Diploma is awarded if all 14 courses are completed for credit. Taking courses for credit requires a formal admission to Trinity College for either the Master of Theological Studies or Master of Divinity degree programme. The Divinity Office can help with all the necessary application paperwork.

The 14 required courses (comprising 15 credits) for the Diploma or (audited) Honours Certificate are as follows:

(Note that only two of the three listed Liturgy courses are required.)

Auditors are awarded the Certificate upon completion of 7 of these courses.

Please note that approval may be given to substitute equivalent courses for some of these requirements.

For more information, please contact us.