Trinity College

Course Goals and Expectations

All courses at the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College are designed to fulfil the following goals:

  • Provide adequate, competent, detailed information about church history, liturgies, theology, iconology, Scripture and its place in Orthodoxy, doctrine and theologoumena, spiritual attitudes, ethics, and being Orthodox in the modern world.
  • Provide adequate critical-thinking tools to permit the students to have some insight into the why behind the information, and to be capable of independent critical contribution to the ongoing Orthodox search for the meaning of life and faith within God’s creation. While fully respectful of the Orthodox Tradition, the goal is as well to help each student grasp — and strengthen — the personal vigour of their relationship to that Tradition. (This last refers to non-Orthodox students as well, who may follow such a course out of personal interest or curiosity about Orthodoxy.)
  • To read from the best, most serious writers, and as much as possible to study from primary sources.

Students are referred to the Toronto School of Theology Basic Degree Handbook for further information on TST academic policies relating to grading, attendance, plagiarism and other issues.