Trinity College

Course Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all courses are held in the Larkin Building (LA) of Trinity College. All times give are Eastern time zone.

Please note that, owing to ongoing need to safeguard against the spread of COVID-19, there will be no in-person Orthodox studies classes at Trinity College in Winter/Spring or Summer 2021. The days and times given below reflect when some live videoconference class activities may be scheduled. Every course will vary in terms of asynchronous (materials and activities which can be accessed and completed at any time) or synchronous (live scheduled activities) delivery. Please check with the individual course instructor and the course syllabus to ensure you understand how the course will be delivered.

We understand that online courses can often present even greater challenges for those with special needs. As well as registering with U of T's accessibility services, please let us know if there is anything we can do to make our courses more accessible.

    Winter/Spring Term 2021 (January to April)

    Sanctification of Life: The Orthodox Mysteries (Sacraments) (TRP2117)
    Fr Geoffrey Ready
    Online: mainly asynchronous, with four optional live sessions on Mondays at 7pm

    Orthodox Life II: Eastern Christian Understanding of Ethics, Society and the World (TRT3914)
    Professor Richard Schneider and Fr Geoffrey Ready
    NB: Orthodox Life I (which focuses on individual ethics) is NOT necessarily a requirement for Orthodox Life II (which is about ethics in human society)
    Online: mainly asynchronous, with four optional live sessions on Tuesdays at 7pm

    The Emerging Christian Church: Church History to 451 (TRH2421)
    Professor Richard Schneider
    Online: mainly asynchronous, with optional live sessions on Thursdays at 7pm

    The Theology of Dostoevsky (TRT2841)
    Dr Daniel Opperwall
    Online: asynchronous, with course beginning each week on Sunday

    Other Trinity College courses required for the MDiv offered in the Winter/Spring term:

    • TRP2665 - Life and Death in the Wilderness (online / Tuesdays, 11am-1pm)

    Summer Term 2021 (May to June)

    The Human Person in Orthodox Tradition (TRP2172)
    Dr Paul Ladouceur and Kate McCray
    Online: mainly asynchronous, with optional live sessions Mondays and/or Thursdays, 7-9pm, beginning 10 May 2021 (schedule of live sessions to be determined)

    Living Tradition: Reading the New Testament (TRT2110)
    Dr Daniel Opperwall and Fr Geoffrey Ready
    Online: mainly asynchronous, with four optional live sessions on Wednesdays at 7pm

    Looking Ahead: 2021-2022

    Fall 2021 (September to December)

    Winter/Spring 2022 (January to April)

    Summer 2022 (May to June)