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Accessing Hebrew and Greek without Knowing the Languages

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Winter/Spring 2023

Students wishing to specialize in Biblical Studies are often required to study Hebrew and Greek (and some programs even require Aramaic or Syriac). However, students not wishing to specialize in Biblical Studies tend to avoid taking courses in biblical languages. This tends to compromise their understanding of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, New Testament/Greek Bible, the Apocryphal texts, Talmudic texts, and Rabbinical literature.

This course offers students the chance to be familiarized with biblical languages—mainly Hebrew and Greek—tools, and resources enabling them to better understand such texts. While the mere knowledge of the Hebrew and Greek alphabet makes it possible for students to access the interlinear Bible and dictionaries, this course goes beyond that to explore basic grammar and syntax to better assist students with exegeting biblical texts. Students will also be trained to use Interlinear Bibles, Concordances, Lexicons, and Commentaries in the original languages. Biblical texts selected will aim to highlight the value of knowing the text in the original language as opposed to translation.