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A Christian Ending to Our Life: Dying and Death in Orthodox Tradition

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Fall 2018
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This course will explore through classroom lectures and seminar discussions the Orthodox Christian theological and pastoral tradition surrounding dying and death. This tradition will be contextualised within the thought and praxis of the Scriptures and early church, as well as the treatment of dying and death in different epochs of western civilisation over the past 2,000 years – as reflected in philosophy, literature, art and community life – culminating in the “death-denying” culture of the 20th century and the crises and ethical dilemmas surrounding death in the early 21st century. Students should emerge from the class able to articulate a thoughtful Orthodox Christian response – both in terms of theology and pastoral practice – to issues of human life, dying and death today.

Students will be evaluated on their class participation, a critical review of a scholarly article, and a feature or series of blog articles contributing towards a collective web resource on dying and death in Orthodox tradition. For the online section, classroom lectures and seminars will be recorded and made available to view on the course portal. Participation will be via online discussion forums.