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Christianity in Egypt and the Middle East

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Fall 2018
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This course will provide an overview of the history of Coptic Christianity within the broader context of the Middle East, from its inception in the 1st century AD, till the present time. It focuses on the establishment of the Early Church institutions and doctrines in Alexandria, Antioch and Constantinople. A special focus will be on the development of Monasticism in Egypt, Syria and Palestine, and the role of monasteries in preserving and transmitting the Church tradition. Selected edited Greek, Coptic and Syriac literary sources on monasticism will introduce students to the religious and cultural affinities between the Churches of the Middle East.


  • To expose students to the wealth of heritage of the Churches of the Middle East.
  • To introduce students to different types of historical primary sources and how to historically-critically interpret them.
  • To help students reconstruct the historical context of the Christian communities in those territories.
  • To outline the reasons that led to the survival or decline of Christian communities within the chronological frame of the course.


Required readings (selected chapters from the following titles or articles will be posted all along the course)

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  • Atiya A.S. 1980. A History of Eastern Christianity, Kraus Reprint, Millwood New York.
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