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The Church of the Margins: Ministering to Christ in the Poor, the Sick, the Alienated, the Imprisoned

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Winter/Spring 2019
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Summer 2022

The biblical and patristic tradition of the Orthodox Church is clear that the church is to advocate for the poor and the marginalised in the world, caring for their needs and pursuing justice on their behalf. We are not to neglect spiritual needs for social ones, nor social needs for those that are spiritual. This course will explore how the church, as the ongoing body of Christ in the world, should follow Christ in his self-sacrificing identification with all who are cast out or suffering, and care for the whole person, body and spirit. It will explore the theological significance of suffering and illness, and develop a holistic and pastoral understanding of mission that situates the church in the margins of this present age, ministering to Christ in the poor, the sick, the alienated and the imprisoned.