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The Human Person in Orthodox Tradition

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Summer 2021
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Pastoral care in the Orthodox Christian tradition begins with a thorough understanding of the human person in the Scriptures and in Holy Tradition. Only with an understanding of how we are created by God and what He has called us to become can we identify and diagnose the sicknesses and disorders of the fallen state and apply the appropriate spiritual cure.

This course provides theological foundations for the practice of pastoral ministry in the Orthodox tradition by introducing students to the most significant teachings in applied Orthodox theological anthropology, beginning with the Bible and early church fathers. The course will also explore some contributions by modern scholars such as Yannaras, Zizioulas, Behr, Vlachos, and Breck who have enriched the study of the human person in Orthodox tradition and informed applied pastoral care. This course will also compare and contrast practical anthropological ideas developed by western, modern era philosophers. The course will also explore some modern bioethical, technological and social issues that pose new questions regarding the human person and have direct implications for the practice of pastoral ministry.