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The MTS in Orthodox and Eastern Christian Studies programme requires 20 course credits. One credit is given for each semester course successfully completed. Normally, courses meet once a week for two hours. Courses are offered at Trinity College and at the other cooperating schools of the Toronto School of Theology, and are listed in the TST course calendar.

There are 15 required credits (which earn a Diploma in Orthodox and Eastern Christian Studies):

(Note only one of Liturgy 2 or Liturgy 3 is required.)

In addition to these 15 required credits, all students must enrol in a one-credit course of independent studies in their final term in which they will engage in a summative reflective exercise resulting in a substantive report or major paper. The summative exercise may also be a work of graphic art, a musical composition, a poem or other creative piece, accompanied by a theological commentary. Those considering the possibility of further graduate work in theology are advised to complete a two-credit thesis (see MTS Thesis below) as the summative reflective exercise.

The remaining three or four credits are electives, permitting students to concentrate their studies in areas of particular interest from the fields of Biblical studies, history, theology and pastoral theology. To ensure sufficient breadth of knowledge and understanding, at least two of these electives should be from non-Orthodox courses at Trinity College or other schools within TST.

Students planning advanced degree study should include an ancient language in their programme and note the further requirements of the department under consideration.

MTS Thesis

Students opting to complete a two-credit thesis for the MTS will:

  1. Identify and meet with a faculty member who agrees to be supervisor
  2. Prepare a thesis proposal to be approved by the supervisor before the writing of the thesis
  3. The thesis proposal (no more than 2,000 words) shall include the following:
    • a succinct statement of the research question and the thesis to be established
    • previous enquiry on this quesiton and available secondary literature
    • a description of the project as a whole, including the methods to be followed and the steps proposed to answer the research question and establish the thesis
    • an initial bibliography
  4. Complete and submit a thesis of no more than 10,000 words
  5. Carefully adopt an approved academic style, including an approved format for citation of all sources used; spelling must be consistent with a recognized Canadian standard
  6. Provide a one-page abstract
  7. Provide a list of works cited at the end of the thesis that reflects responsible engagement with both primary and secondary sources

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