Trinity College

Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) with Concentration in Orthodox and Eastern Christian Studies is a professional degree whose purpose is preparation for ministries in the church. In addition to preparing qualified Orthodox men chosen by their bishops for ordination to priestly ministry in the Orthodox Church, the degree programme also provides appropriate preparation of both Orthodox Christian men and women for other forms of church service including teaching and counselling and for graduate study in theology and related disciplines.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the MDiv with Concentration in Orthodox and Eastern Christian Studies degree will demonstrate:

  1. Religious heritage: a graduate level and ecumenically justifiable understanding of the religious heritage of the Christian world, and in particular of the Orthodox Church, by demonstrating (a) a critical and broad knowledge of the Old Testament and the New Testament, (b) a reasoned account of the teachings of Christianity and of the Orthodox Christian Tradition, (c) a critical and broad knowledge of the history of Christianity, and of the international and North American Orthodox forms of it.

  2. Cultural context: a knowledge and understanding of their cultural context, including principles and issues of contemporary social ethics, a critical perspective on the global, multicultural and cross-cultural aspects of that context, and a developed capacity to understand their own culture and at least one other culture in which they have experienced ministry.

  3. Leadership: a reflective knowledge of their personal and spiritual formation, and of their approach to counselling and reflection; and their assessment of the variety of Orthodox spiritual traditions.

  4. Formation of character: their assessment of (a) their own capacity for public leadership and ministry, (b) the principles of Orthodox liturgical practice, and (c) the relation of practical ministry to other disciplines.