Trinity College, Faculty of Divinity, University of Toronto

Master of Divinity

The Orthodox School of Theology Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree is a professional degree whose purpose is preparation for ministries in the church. In addition to preparing qualified Orthodox men chosen by their bishops for ordination to priestly ministry in the Orthodox Church, the degree programme also provides appropriate preparation of both Orthodox Christian men and women for other forms of church service including teaching and counselling and for graduate study in theology and related disciplines.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Orthodox School of Theology MDiv degree will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Read Scripture and the church’s tradition with discernment in order to teach, preach, and minister according to the gospel
  • Think theologically and pastorally about the world and about their cultural context in order to address contemporary realities in a manner faithful to the church’s tradition
  • Grow in faith, emotional maturity, and spiritual life in order to develop the capacities needed for pastoral leadership
  • Celebrate the offices of the church with beauty and dignity in order to worship God rightly, forming a community in the faith and life of the church
  • Employ managerial skills and understand administrative procedures in order to lead a community in accordance with the commandments of Christ and the discipline of the church