Trinity College

On Campus Worship and Orthodox Christian Fellowship Activities 2021-22

In addition to resuming in-person courses and educational events in this coming academic year, we are looking forward to returning to worship and fellowship activities on campus.

We hope to begin weekday services at St Sophia chapel (in Elmsley Hall at St Michael's College) in September. The Saturday evening Vigil and Sunday morning Divine Liturgy services of Holy Myrrhbearers Orthodox Mission are currently being held a short distance from campus at Christ the Saviour Cathedral (823 Manning Avenue) but will return to the chapel of Trinity College when the all-clear is sounded.

The tentative schedule of services is as follows:

Mondays 5pm: Vespers (St Sophia chapel)
Wednesdays 5pm: Vespers (St Sophia chapel)

Saturdays 7pm: Vigil
Sundays 8am: Divine Liturgy
(currently at Christ the Saviour Cathedral, but moving back to Trinity College sometime in the 2021-22 academic year)