Trinity College

Death Is Coming!

In her latest podcast, Dr Nicole Roccas introduces her fourth season of Time Eternal on Ancient Faith Radio, which will explore all the ways death shapes our experience of life, time, and faith.

In the podcast, you will meet some of the guests and questions that will feature in upcoming episodes. Philip Roth once wrote that "in every calm and reasonable person, there is a hidden second person scared witless about death." This episode is dedicated to all those "calm and reasonable" folks out there who are secretly scared out of their minds when it comes to death.

The new season of podcasts also dovetails with the Fall 2018 course "A Christian Ending to Life: Death in Orthodox Tradition," a course Dr Roccas is co-teaching with Fr Geoffrey Ready. Click on the poster below for more information.

Please note that Time Eternal is now on Patreon where you can find bonus content and resources.