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Dr Nicole Roccas Launches New Book "Time and Despondency"

Idleness. Apathy. Restlessness. Procrastination. These are symptoms of what early Christian theologians called despondency (acedia), a spiritual sickness rooted in a lack of care or effort. A condition as old as the ancients, despondency thrives in today’s culture of leisure, anxiety, and digital distraction. Time and Despondency: Regaining the Present in Faith and Life is a penetrating synthesis of ancient theology, spiritual memoir, and self-help practicality. It envisions despondency as the extension of a broken relationship with the experience of time. Driven by the fear of death and the anxiety of living, despondency drives us to abandon the present moment, forsaking the only temporal realm in which we have true fellowship with Christ. The remedies offered by time-honoured Christian thinkers for this predicament constitute not only an antidote to despondency but also stepping stones back to the present moment. In regaining the sacredness of time, we re-encounter the Resurrection of Christ in the dark and restless moments of our lives.

Dr Nicole Roccas has been researching and writing about time from both a historical and theological perspective for nearly ten years. In addition to being a writer and editor (see The Writer's Loom), she lectures at the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College. You can find more of her writing on her Ancient Faith podcast and blog, Time Eternal, and her website. Nicole has a PhD in History from the University of Cincinnati.

On Tuesday 13 February, Dr Roccas launched her new book at Trinity College, reading excerpts from it and fielding questions. The full video of the talk is below.

Contact us if you would like to purchase Time and Despondency ($30).