Trinity College

New Book by PhD Candidate and Sessional Lecturer Andrew Youssef

Andrew Youssef is a PhD Candidate at Trinity College where he is writing his dissertation on comparative Christology between Severus of Antioch and Maximus the Confessor. Andrew finished his Masters in the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College where he finished his thesis titled, “Humanity of Christ in Oriental Orthodox Christology.” Currently, Andrew teaches both at Trinity College and the Patriarchal Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy. As a member of the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care, Andrew also serves as a Spiritual Care practitioner in Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center.

Earlier this year, Andrew published the book, Oriental Orthodoxy Unveiled, which captures with accuracy and sensitivity something of the breadth and depth of the theological tradition of the Oriental Orthodox Churches. Short, encyclopaedia-style entries make this an engaging and often fast-paced read, without depriving the reader of the theological substance necessary to address with confidence the topics raised. Copious references to patristic and modern authors are well-chosen and integrated into the text, buttressing the articles and providing scope for further study.

It is especially welcome that historically controversial issues, including of course the notorious Chalcedonian Christological debate, are handled with an even hand and not a little grace. One of the lengthiest sections provides a well-balanced treatment of Orthodox models of salvation, steering a royal patristic path between the overly tempting theological reductions and extremes that have become common in contemporary debates, especially in online forums. This treatment of soteriology includes a rich description of theosis (or deification) in Oriental Orthodox tradition, which may well surprise a few readers accustomed to thinking of this as a peculiarly Byzantine idea. In short, there is much to learn here for adherents and interested students of Oriental Orthodoxy, and it is to be hoped that it finds its way onto the bookshelves and into the hands of a good many Christians.

Please note that we hope to host a formal book launch for Oriental Orthodoxy Unveiled this autumn.