Trinity College, Faculty of Divinity, University of Toronto

Panel Discussion on 'Resurrection of Logos'

The Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College together with the Orthodox Christian Fellowship at U of T hosted a panel discussion on 7 March 2017 on the topic "Resurrection of Logos - The Divine, the Individual and Finding Our Bearings in a Postmodern World".

The event featured presentations from Fr Theodore Paraskevopoulos (adjunct faculty, Trinity College), Jonathan Pageau (icon carver and editor of the Orthodox Arts Journal), Dr Jordan Peterson (professor of clinical psychology, U of T), and Fr Geoffrey Ready (co-director, Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College and rector of Holy Myrrhbearers Orthodox Mission).

The event attracted more than 160 people, including a great many non-Christians who heard about Orthodox Christianity for the first time. A video of the event (see below) has been posted on YouTube where it in its first few days it has seen more than 30,000 views.