Trinity College

Orthodox Christianity - Eastern and Oriental

The Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College includes teaching staff and students from both the Eastern Orthodox Churches (also called the Byzantine rite Orthodox Churches) and the Oriental Orthodox Churches (also called the Non-Chalcedonian or Miaphysite Orthodox Churches).

Our study and prayer together allows us to form friendships and forge deep bonds among clergy and faithful of both families of Orthodox Churches. We are, nonetheless, mindful of the tragic rupture in communion between our two families of churches, which persist despite the optimism of the Agreed Statements between the Eastern Orthodox and the Oriental Orthodox Churches in 1989 and 1990. There remain serious issues to resolve before communion is restored. We nevertheless believe that by ongoing joint study and dialogue, by simply meeting and sharing together, and praying for the grace and truth of Christ to prevail, this sad division can be overcome.

For more information about the efforts and activities of the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College to assist in moving both families of churches towards full unity, please see the following sections of the website: