Trinity College

Our Mission, Vision and Values


The Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College serves Christ, His Church and the world through Orthodox Christian theological education and scholarship, preparing students for both ordained and lay ministry, so that they may participate as fully as possible in God's mission to the world.


The Orthodox School of Theology aspires to be Canada's leading centre of Orthodox Christian scholarship, theological and pastoral education, and to operate as an exemplary Orthodox Christian institution.


In every aspect of its life and work, the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College is guided by the following principles:

  • To believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to adhere to His commandments, as expressed in the life and teachings of the Orthodox Christian Church
  • To acknowledge our responsibility to communicate Orthodox Christianity to the world and to invite all to partake of the fullness of the faith
  • To take a holistic approach to theological education and spiritual formation—integrating study, work, worship, and personal discipline
  • To manifest Orthodox Christian love, service, worship, and learning in the life of the community and beyond
  • To teach the critical appropriation of the living Orthodox tradition in order to proclaim the unchanging gospel today
  • To be committed to Orthodox unity in Canada and inter-Orthodox cooperation at all levels of Church life
  • To be open, transparent, and responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us
  • To undertake our work together through a process of intentional consultation, shared governance, and consensus-building
  • To encourage every member of the community to be a full and active participant in our mission
  • To expect all members of the community to hold the highest standards of professional ethics and personal integrity
  • To aspire to excellence through continuous and ongoing improvement
  • To be committed to fairness, justice, respect, and hospitality for all members of the community and our wider society, regardless of their background or beliefs

As sinful human beings, we acknowledge that we will inevitably fall short of these high ideals. As Christians, we will constantly seek forgiveness for our mistakes and do our best to correct them.