Trinity College

Sample Lectures

Prof Richard Schneider

Textual and Objective Aspects of Icons

Professor Richard Schneider gives an overview of Icons for the Orientale Lumen Conference themed, 'Feast Days of the Eastern Churches'. Prof Schneider talks about the textual and objective aspects of Icons and their communicative effects.


Fr Geoffrey Ready

What if we took our Christology from the New Testament?

Co-director and instructor in liturgy and Biblical studies Fr Geoffrey Ready asks the question, "What if we took our Christology from the New Testament?" This is an excerpt from one of the classes of the New Testament course.


Living God's Story

It is axiomatic in Orthodox liturgical theology that the Divine Liturgy is a participation here and now in the coming kingdom of God. This should naturally result in the shaping of Orthodox worshippers to live in this age according to the heaven-on-earth reality of the age to come, to live the “liturgy after the liturgy” in a life of kingdom-building. Yet there is little to suggest that this happening in Orthodox churches today. Drawing on postcritical insights that challenge modernity’s limitations—especially the importance of narrative for formation, and the priority of embodied, participatory knowledge—Fr Geoffrey proposes that the decline in the Orthodox Divine Liturgy's power to transform worshippers results principally from an eclipse of the enacted narrative of the kingdom of God within liturgical celebration. On the other hand, when worshippers are encouraged to grasp and embody the story contained within the liturgy, they can be inspired to reflect on and re-narrate their lives according to the story of God as a precursor of fuller Christian formation. The following is a seminar presentation at the Sheptytsky Institute of St Michael's College, a sister college of Trinity within the Toronto School of Theology.


Dr Paul Ladouceur

The Theological Legacy of Fr Georges Florovosky