Trinity College


  • Toronto skyline
    Trinity College offers Canada's only ATS-accredited Orthodox theological programmes
  • Christ the Saviour Orthodox Cathedral, Toronto
    Providing theological training and pastoral formation to future clergy, teachers and counsellors
  • Trinity College, University of Toronto
    Equipping Orthodox Christians to affirm and practise their faith
  • Trinity College, University of Toronto
    Engaging the modern world with the eternal truths of the Gospel and Orthodox Christian faith
  • St George's Orthodox Church, Toronto
    Fostering inter-Orthodox cooperation and shared mission

Welcome to the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College, part of the Trinity College Faculty of Divinity at the University of Toronto, dedicated to theological education and the formation of Orthodox Christian clergy, theologians, teachers and other co-workers of God.


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Worship Services

Holy MyrrhbearersOrthodox worship services in the chapel of Trinity College are served in English in conjunction with Holy Myrrhbearers Orthodox Mission. The rector of the mission is the Very Rev Fr Geoffrey Ready, who is also Co-Director of the Orthodox School of Theology.

During the COVID-19 closure of the university to the public, in-person events are prohibited. Chapel services are being held offsite and livestreamed. For more information, contact

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Why Study Theology?

ChristDo you want to learn more about your Orthodox faith? Studying theology enables us to strengthen our Christian identity and deepen our knowledge of God and life of prayer and mission, as well as equip ourselves for positions of leadership and teaching within the church.

The Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College welcomes all Orthodox Christians, from both 'Byzantine' and 'Oriental' traditions, as well as Eastern Rite Catholics and Western Christians who are interested in the history, faith and life of the early church and the Christian East.

For more information about studying theology, whether auditing for adult education or as part of a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, Master of Divinity (MDiv) or Master in Theological Studies (MTS) programme, please get in touch.