Trinity College

Honours MDiv

The MDiv degree with Honours is especially recommended for students who think of pursuing advanced degree study. To obtain honours a student must:

  • have six courses in a single TST department exclusive of any credits granted for thesis preparation; and
  • have a B+ average in their final 20 credits;
  • write a 50-75 page thesis (12,000-18,000 words), directed by a professor in that department (not necessarily at Trinity).

The thesis must be written in the final year, show independent thinking, and receive at least an A- grade. The thesis may be credited in one of two ways: it may receive one credit as a research and reading course in addition to a regular one credit course from which the thesis arises, or it may be included in a research and reading course taken for two credits over a full year (YY) or in one term (YF if Fall or YS if Spring).

A short title for the thesis should be included in the registration form for the research and reading course. The supervising professor should, in addition to the regular grade report, write a letter to the Dean reporting the successful completion of the thesis and giving the full title.

Students considering an Honours degree should talk with their faculty advisor as soon as possible to make arrangements.

Students planning advanced degree study should include an ancient language in their programme and note the further requirements of the department under consideration. The Master of Divinity degree with Honours is especially recommended for such students.