Trinity College

Programme Requirements and Curriculum

To complete the MDiv at the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College, 30 credits are required. One credit is given for each semester course successfully completed. Normally, courses meet once a week for two to three hours. Courses are offered at Trinity College and at the other cooperating schools of the Toronto School of Theology, and are listed in the TST course calendar. Students must complete, in addition to the 30 course credits, other programme requirements.

Full-time standing requires enrolment in four or more courses per term. Part-time standing is enrolment in three or fewer courses per term. To complete the MDiv, each student must have at least two semesters with full-time standing.

Transfer credits for post-baccalaureate work taken at other institutions accredited by the Association of Theological Schools and not credited towards another degree may be granted. In this case the number of required courses is diminished by a maximum of 20 courses. The amount of credit and its effect on the requirements of the student's programme are determined by the teaching staff in consultation with the College Registrar at the time of application.

Alternatively, for work done previously but not under ATS accreditation, a student may petition the teaching staff to be excused from one or more of the requirements of his or her programme. In this case the 30-course requirement is not diminished. Normally a student is expected to proceed to more advanced courses in the area or areas already covered.


Biblical Studies (4 credits)

Plus one of the following:
  • New Testament Greek
  • Old Testament Hebrew
  • Any other Biblical studies elective

Theology (5 credits)

Any five of the following:

History (3 credits)

Liturgy and Homiletics (4 credits)

Applied Theology (3 credits)

Pastoral Theology (4 credits)

  • Foundations in Psychodynamic Theory (TRP3523) [offered annually within Trinity College Faculty of Divinity]

Plus any three additional courses from the following:

Field Education (4 credits)

For details please the Theological Field Education and Internship section. Field education takes place through the MDiv programme, but students register for the following courses during the term of their full-time internship, normally in year two:

  • Parish ministry (TRD3010YS - two credits)
  • Christian education (TRD3020HS)
  • Theology of ministry (TRD3030HS)

Free electives (3 credits)

Any three credits of the following: