Orthodox Christian Studies within the Trinity College Faculty of Divinity at the University of Toronto is dedicated to theological education and the formation of Orthodox Christian clergy, lay leaders, theologians, teachers and other co-workers of God.


Since 1938, the Faculty of Divinity of Trinity College has enjoyed accredited membership in the Association of Theological Schools of the United States and Canada. Through that body the College helps to define the standards of theological education throughout the continent and to participate in evaluating the quality of theological studies.

Eastern and Oriental Orthodox

Orthodox Christian Studies at Trinity College is pan-Orthodox, drawing on all Eastern as well as Oriental Orthodox traditions, which is another of its unique drawing cards. Students in our classes greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet and interact with students from other Orthodox jurisdictions and traditions than their own. Orthodox faculty members come from both Eastern and Oriental Orthodox traditions.

Community Life

Orthodox Christian students are fully integrated into the vibrant community life of the Faculty of Divinity at Trinity College, including social events and service projects. Orthodox worship services are celebrated 4-5 times per week, both in the chapel of Trinity College and a small Byzantine rite chapel at nearby St Michael's College. Chaplaincy and support services are available for all students.

About Us


The Faculty of Divinity at the University of Trinity College has delivered more than a century and a half of theological education within the Anglican tradition.

Orthodox Christian Studies began at within the Faculty of Divinity in 2006. A decade later Trinity College began to offer a Concentration in Orthodox and Eastern Christian Studies for both the Masters of Theological Studies (MTS) and Master of Divinity (MDiv) degrees, joined by a Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS) in 2020.

Trinity College Faculty of Divinity Programmes

Study theology at Trinity College

The following programmes of Trinity College are available for study with a Concentration in Orthodox and Eastern Christian Studies.


Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Three-year degree (30 half courses) preparing clergy and lay leaders for church ministry

Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

Two-year degree (20 half courses) in the academic study of general theological education

Trinity College
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Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS)

The certificate provides university graduates with a general university-level foundation in Christian studies (7 half courses)

Study as an Auditor

Adult learners seeking a mature and rich knowledge of Orthodox tradition may enrol as non-credit auditors in any courses

Paul Ladouceur

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Choosing Trinity College

Why Study at Trinity?

There are many reasons to choose Trinity College to study Orthodox Christian theology and prepare for ordained or lay service in the church.


Through the Toronto School of Theology and the University of Toronto, Trinity students and professors enjoy the resources of one of the most important centres of theological education in North America, with libraries that are second to none


Orthodox Studies at Trinity College welcomes all Orthodox Christians, from both Eastern and Oriental traditions, as well as Eastern Rite Catholics and western Christians who are interested in the history, faith and life of the early church and the Christian East

Remote Option

Orthodox theology courses at Trinity College are offered both in person and online, allowing students from across Canada and beyond to participate — and many other course electives from TST are also available remotely


The Toronto School of Theology within the University of Toronto is regularly ranked number 1 in Canada and in the top 10 globally for divinity and theological studies

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What Our Students Say

What's up in Orthodox studies at Trinity College

recent developments

Listen to ‘Enacting the Kingdom’, a podcast with Orthodox School of Theology graduate Fr Yuri Hladio and Director Fr Geoffrey Ready about the liturgical worship of the Orthodox Church and other aspects of practical theology.

Learn about our exciting new ‘living tradition’ project focusing on preparing creative pastoral leaders to meet the complex needs of the contemporary church and rapidly changing society.

Revitalising every aspect of theological education and pastoral formation at Trinity College (both Anglican and Orthodox), the project encompasses four initiatives: (1) models and mentors for creative mission, (2) spiritual direction for flexible ministry, (3) advisors and partners for a diverse body, and (4) expansive formation for a welcoming church.

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Christian ministry engaging with the challenges of the world today